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In April of 2018, 14 of Tone's songs, recorded by The Heat, were  signed and published by: BTM Music, a Chatsworth, Calif. based movie soundtrac company.

Tone was privileged to be asked to write

the theme song for The Hays Larks. completed... May2018

click on this link to watch the video


Jimmy Dee and the FD's

Feb. 16th, Plainville, Ks

Tim/Anthony Band

Feb. 22nd, Dodge City Casino

Jimmy Dee and the FD's

Feb. 23rd Ellis, Ks.

Tim/Anthony Band ( all three below)

Mar. 2nd Phillipsburg, Ks.

Mar. 16th, Scott City

Mar. 30th The Fur Ball Benefit in Dodge City, Ks.


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Tone has just been hired to do the next

Jingle Package for Kaiser Liquor. 

This will be the 5th edition.

ANTHONY AND THE ANAMALS , THE TIM/ANTHONY BAND will be playing the Fur Ball , a benefit for animals, in Dodge City, Ks. on March 30th with special guest, FREDDY FOX...

The band has done this show twice, The Garden City Zoo show 3 times and has perfomed at The Rolling Hills Zoo for NCK Tech, 5 times....

aka. The Anamals will be at The Zoo.  The Anamals have also performed 3 times in the stock arena in McCook, NE., it's an animal thing. lol.