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     The Tone Group is a group of Singers, Songwriters and Musicians who work with or have been produced by Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Anthony "Tone" Pfeifer

     The first purpose of this website is to develop Artists by presenting their work to the public in a fun and exciting manner.

     The 2nd purpose of this website is to allow charitable causes to raise money by selling the recordings of these artists.  At least 50% and sometimes more of the profits of everything sold go to one charitable cause or another.  The cause changes from week to week.  For example:  One week we may be running a fundraiser for ABC High School Band Uniforms and the next week it may be for John Doe's child with lung cancer. And the third week it may be to pay for Thanksgiving dinners for the needy.  Anyone interested in raising money for their cause may contact the company by way of email.

     By running this website in this fashion we hope to create a business freindly vehicle for the cause to raise money and for the artist to get exposure.  We are constantly developing new artists.  Which will allow "the cause" to access new music, new product, each time they choose to use our website to raise money.  We welcome comment.  Please email us: