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The Graduation Song - My Life

Press to play, Listen to: My Life,  My Life was written in 2004 by: Anthony as a graduation song.  It was shelved until 2011 when it was performed at TMP High School by the Graduating class of Becca Urban.  This is the perfect graduation song.  The Lyrics fit the dreams and aspirations of the Graduate.  chorus:  "What Will I Do With My Life, Where will I go, Who will I know".....It can easily be accompanied on Guitar or Piano.  The Key fits almost all voices.  Violin/Fiddle or other instruments fit with the accompanment.  You can purchase this song with the sheetmusic for piano and a Kareokee CD, which has the original studio performance by Anthony and Music Teacher/violinist, Shawn Demuth on it ..... $15.00 Includes Kareokee CD in the key of G, Sheet Music and Lyric sheet with Guitar Chords.  Shipping included........