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Jimmy Dee & the Fabulous Destinations: Round Trip
Jimmy Dee & the Fabulous Destinations: Summer Fun
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Jimmy Dee & the
Fabulous Destinations
When film maker George Lucus directed the movie, American Graffiti, during the 1970s, he could not have predicted the wave of nostaglia that swept the United States as a result of the smash movie hit.
It was during this time that a group of musicians from Victoria, Kansas formed the group, Jimmy Dee & the Fabulous Destinations. Little did they know that their high energy show, featuring major hits from early 1960s, would propel the band into one of the most popular groups to ever perform in western Kansas.  Performing at clubs and dance halls throughout the western half of the state, the group routinely "packed the house" every weekend, with many of their loyal supporters traveling upwards to 100 miles to attend a performance.
It seemed everybody wanted to recapture the excitement and music of the 1950s.  The popular television show, Happy Days, provided an additional boost to the nostaglia craze, as did well-known national bands Sha Na Na and Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids. 
In the early 1980s, the Fabulous Destinations went their separate ways, some performing in popular groups such as Blubird, The Heat, and Anthony & the Anamals. Jimmy Dee, meanwhile, went on to perform as the Jimmy Dee Band and maintained a loyal following for many years. In 2000, six members of the original Jimmy Dee & the Fabulous Destinations agreed to reform and play a selected number of dates as a means to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group. Although the band orginally had planned just to play the one year, positive reaction from its loyal supporters prompted the group to continue to perform. In 2002, Jimmy Dee released a CD entitled "Round Trip" and followed that with another CD in 2003 called "Summer Fun."
Today, the group is still going strong, playing selected dates throughout the year, and supporters continued to attend their performances. Perhaps they, like the band members, enjoy the fun and good times that come along with every Jimmy Dee and the Fabulous Destination performance.