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Jingles - Radio , Television, Internet

  Anthony "Tone" Pfeifer has written/recorded/produced over 130 Radio//Television Jingles.
 Unless that business went out of business, most of those Jingles are still being heard in the Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado areas.
Here are a just a couple samples.... Just press play.   ( To Request a large demo on CD, email us : )
  Auto America
  Goodwin Sporting Goods
  The Great Bend Tribune
  Horizon Appliance
  OSA Funeral Homes
  Studio 8 (haircare)
  United National Bank

We Can Tone Up Your Ads
Why should I have a TV/Radio/Internet Advertising Jingle? 

Over time....melodies have been programmed into your mind and they subconsciously help you remember those businesses.

Think of how many TV ads there are where you can remember the funny stuff that hapens....
but you can’t remember what business they’re advertising. Happens all the time. But if you hear the Jingle, you will remember that business everytime. I’m not saying some visual ads aren’t great, I’m just saying that good Jingles make them better. People can remember the actor and the actors voice in a TV ad, but they can’t always remember the business they’re advertising.

Think of all the time you spend driving in your car with the radio on, or have it tuned in to the local station at work. You listen to a song, but when the ad guy starts talking you tune it out of your mind or you change the channel. Your mind is looking for the song. The melody. And if it's not there, chances are pretty good your not going to listen to the ad either. The Music is what makes you tune in....

As a business person you want "potential customers" to listen to what you are selling, but if they tune you out, your money for that ad has been wasted....

Very Important!  With a Jingle created by: The Tone Group...

 You will be the only one using that ad. This is not some "hack and chop shop"! ... (and then sell it 15 times across the country.)
Everything I do is specifically tailored to your business....

Remember:  If your ad ain’t working, your wasting your money.

If you want to make your advertising work. Drop me an email or Give me a call……… or 785-365-0780...

Jingle packages start at $500.00 and go up depending on your needs. The average 30sec. jingle package goes for $700.00 Email or Call for a quote....

United National Bank
Goodwin Sporting Goods
OSA Funeral Homes
Great Bend Tribune
Studio 8 Hair Salon
Horizon Appliance & Electronics
First Bank & Trust
Gutch's Restaurant