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CAROLIN - On Vol. I.  This is the song The Heat won with on Star Search.  
BROTHER 2 BROTHER -  on Untold Story Vol. II
CRIMES OF THE HEART -  on Untold Story Vol. II
HEARTACHES - On Untold Story Vol. I
GIRL LIKE YOU -  On Untold Story Vol. I
A BROKEN HEART  -On Untold Story Vol. II
The Heat   Is a Pop Metal Rock band that toured from 1984 through 1989.  The band released 3 full length CD's and one Ep of Original material.  Had a Record Deal with Warner Brothers in 1988 and Performed on the National Televised Star Search in 1987.  The band cut movie songs for two Paramount Disney released films and regional Hit songs in the Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma region.  Sponsored by Stop 2 Shop and Pepsi Cola the band toured, non stop for 4 1/2 yrs.... The loss of their record deal in Sept. of 1989 brought about the end of the band.  The last two CD's were finally released in the early 90's on their own label.   
The Heat's releases are:  EXTREME HEAT ep,  WESTEND STORY, UNTOLD STORY VOL 1 AND UNTOLD STORY VOL 2.  The last two CD's are currently available..... Extreme Heat and Westend Story to be released at a later date....AND>>....Yes, The the embers have burst into flame
                THE HEAT IS ALIVE AGAIN........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>> NEW SONGS IN 2016