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The Tim/Anthony Band     Originally known as Anthony and The Anamals

Screamin from  Moving Emotions CD.
Get A Fire from the Loosen Up CD .
Turn Me Loose from the Loosen Up CD.
Loosen Up from the Loosen Up CD.
When I Fell from the Loosen Up CD.
Learn How To Fly from the Loosen up CD.

This band spans an era from 1989 to 2016.............
The band performed their first show in October of 1989.  Original members included Tim Pfeifer, (Drums and Vocals), Anthony Pfeifer(Bass and Vocals) and Randy Flowers(Guitar and Vocals).  Anthony:" Randy performed some trully inspirational lead guitar tracks on the Moving Emotions CD" make sure you check it out!. Kelly Gesch, did not actually tour with the band, but was a key vocalist on Moving Emotions.  Most noted in the political hit song, Screamin.  Check out the video on You Tube.             After 3 yrs.  Darren Silkman, (Guitar and Vocals)  came in to replace Randy.  Anthony:" Darren was the perfect edition to this band.  I cannot imagine a better 3 piece rockin' combination".  This version of the band put out the CD, Loosen Up.  Both Tim and I agree that this was probably our best work.   
           In 1997 Anthony(me) took a 1 yr. sabatical and Darren moved on to allow Ron Rolf(Guitar and Vocals) and Terry Pfeifer (Bass and Vocals to continue the band under the name Timothy and The Anamals.  In Late 1997 Ray Schmidtberger ( Bass and Vocals) came in to replace Terry.  In Feb. 1998 Anthony(me) came back to the band, this time on guitar.  This is the band as it exists still today. 2015.

          In 1992 the Anamals released their first CD of Original material entitled "Moving Emotions".  The title track was used in a Cinemax movie entiled "Not Of This Earth".  Another cut from Moving Emotions entitled "Screamin'" received tens of thousands of views as a political video on You tube. 

        "Loosen Up" was recorded in 1995 and released in 1996.  The 3rd cut "When You're Gone" was the main theme song for the Disney movie "White Wolves II".  "When I Fell" also received acclaim as a radio ballad Love Song.  Anthony:"there are three great love songs on this album, but it is really a rockin' album.  Tim and I have always been about the groove.  This album really exemplifies that.  Listen to the 6 min. cut "Turn Me Loose". Tim's drum tracks and my bass and rythym tracks are spot on."   And - The D-man laid down some great guitar leads.  This is the best work to date. (2015) but the best is yet to come.